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We are Fishers of Men
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If you like to visit Christian book stores for Christian books, you will love "We are Fishers of Men". Jesus said, I will make you fishers of men and taught fishers of men in scripture how to be fishers of men. Bible fishers of men were no different than we are today. The miracles of Jesus and miracles of God, known as Jesus miracles and healing miracles were a great book of miracles. Deliverance was by Jesus first miracle and, in fact, the bible is a book of miracles. We can also walk on water, cast out demons just as Jesus' deliverence. Casting out demons was a power that was passed to the disciples of Jesus. Religious books in Christian book stores are good books. We need to know how to pray for the sick and do the works that Jesus did. If you would like to know, "What is the kingdom of God" and the keys to the kingdom and being the salt of the earth, you will enjoy these inspirational books. You will learn whho was Jesus Christ and what is the power of God that is in us. We are the light of the world.
If you would like to schedule a book signing or speaking engagement in your church, business or book store, please feel free to contact me.

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We are Fishers of Men" is a Christian book providing a life way and showing the miracles of Jesus such as deliverance miracles of God.